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This case study has been compiled in 2012-13 with a grant of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF).


Amalia Romano, FOCUS-Casa dei Diritti Sociali (net@dirittisociali.org

FOCUS-Casa dei Diritti Sociali is an Italian federation of non-profit organizations, spread in all its territory. Born in the half of the Eighties, it deals with human and social rights promotion, with a special focus on vulnerable groups. It works for the affirmation of solidarity, intercultural dialogue, active citizenship and sustainable social development. The main areas in which we are involved are: 1) human rights promotion and advocacy; 2) sustainable local development, preservation of biodiversity and local traditions, common goods and environmental protection, renewable energy; 3) intercultural dialogue; 4) Italian language school for migrants and social inclusion.

Bibliography (English and Italian)