The Solomon’s Pools are located in Bethlehem district, 5 km south west of Bethlehem city and 12 km south east of Jerusalem.

The pools collect the runoff water from the adjacent mountains, the Al-Arrub wadi, and the nearby springs. A system of aqueducts, pipelines and channels made with closely-fitted stone would carry water to Herodium, and also to Jerusalem. For two millennia these pools have been used for both domestic and irrigation needs.

Today the pools are surrounded by a forest of pine trees. Around the pools the following sites are found:

  • The Fourth Murad Castle: Located right next to the pools, this small castle was built in the Ottoman era by Sultan Murad to protect the pools and the commercial caravans travelling between Jerusalem and Hebron. The castle contains a mosque as well as rooms for the soldiers.
  • Khirbet Al-Bassa: Located south of the pools adjacent to the castle, it contains the ruins of a Roman town called Bethbeza.
  • Khirbet Al-Beereh: Located south of the pools, it contains the remains of a historic building, a mosaic floor, olive oil and wine presses as well as several carved basins and caves.
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