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This case study has been compiled in 2012-13 (phase III) with a grant from the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF).


Author: Maria Papanikolaou, ECOCITY

Editor: Ioannis Koumantakis, ECOCITY

Animation: DigiMagix,

Coordinator: Iro Alampei, MIO-ECSDE


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The aim of ECOCITY is to generate and arise public environmental awareness, improve urban life quality and promote sustainable development in urban centers.

Voluntary participation and contribution of a rich network of scientists, environmentalists and citizens, are the organization’s principle tools for fulfilling its task.

ECOCITY’s Scientific Committees consist of scientists, specialized in diverse fields and backgrounds allowing to have a multidisciplinary approach to the subjects. The scientific committee’s work is enforced by building collaborative alliances with other working groups and committees such as the Environmental Committee of the Greek Parliament, local committees, consumer organizations etc.

From 2007 ECOCITY began establishing networks aiming in dissipating information and working on environmental issues. Through networking we manage to enrich our actions, thus, making our task more successful and effective, sensitizing environmentally in a broader scale. Our alliances in our mission are scientific organizations and departments, cities authorities, municipalities and students networks.

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