• 1st c. AD

    During the Roman Era a settlement is constructed at the Qatraneh Site which includes a castle, an earth-dam, and a dual canal.

  • 4th c. AD

    During the Byzantine times the construction is still in use and only minor changes are made to it.

  • 16th c. AD

    During the Ottoman Empire the site is still in use by travelers and pilgrims in need of water.

  • 19th c. AD

    With the decline of the Ottoman Empire there were rumors for hidden gold, military salaries and ammunitions stored in the castle. These rumors may have contributed to the compromise and partial deterioration of the site.

  • 20th c. AD

    The settlement of the Qatraneh site is completely abandoned and has been deserted since then.

  • Today

    The castle is to a large extent ignored by the Jordanian Archeological Services, due to the many archeological sites that need tending to. It is today (2009) beyond the financial capacity of the Jordanian government to give closer attention to the Qatraneh Site.

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