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This case study was compiled in 2012-13 with a grant of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF).



Coordination, text editing:  Iro Alampei, MIO-ECSDE

Acknowledgment and appreciation go for a number of institutions that contributed to the gathering of some information, municipality of Al Hosun, Ministry of Tourism and the local community.

The Jordanian Society for Desertification Control & Badia Development (JSDCBD)

Established in 1990 the JSDBC is a scientific non-profit NGO, supervised by the Jordanian Ministry of Environment.

Its mission statement covers the following aims:

1. To identify desertification problems, causes, and impact.
2. To protect natural plants cover to establish the environmental balance.
3. To elevate the public awareness for maintaining and protecting the natural environment.
4. To encourage water harvesting projects (gathering rainwater) and the use of treated wastewater, necessary for developing the Badia and control desertification.

The organisation attains these objectives via a plethora of activities like studies, applying land protection measures, awareness raising on the threats of desertification, participation in the improvement of local environment, cooperation with local, regional, and international bodies, etc.


Eng. Islam Maghayireh, Secretary General
T +962-6-5651082, F +962-6-5651081, M: +962-79-664-5454
P.O. Box  910994, Amman (11191), Jordan
E: meghaireh.islam@gmail.com , islam.m@mit.gov.jo