Present Status

The pond has a unique architectural style, therefore it is being protected by the concerned authorities but with little attention made to restoration and its potential use. The local municipality is in charge of the site but with joint overseeing from Ministry of Tourism.

In year 2005 the non-governmental organisation JSDC has initiated a project to promote the “sustainable use” approach of the site through setting up the necessary protection measures and at the same time raising awareness and education among the target group on the importance of preserving such a historical/cultural site. This is done through organizing awareness events and session to schools, CBOs (Community-based organization) and community leaders as well as decision makers.

Coordination with local authorities ensures there is enough protection of any “fragile” parts of the monument to avoid any further damage to the site. Efforts are made so that the Ministry of Tourism includes the pond in list of sites promoted for local and foreign tourists. Within the project it is also proposed to arrange with Directorates of Education in the surrounding towns requesting them to have the site among the target areas for school trips and excursions.

A link should be established with the nearby Academic and research institutions (Al Husun University College, Yarmuk University, Jordan Science and Technology University) to encourage graduates to take the site as a case study particularly with regard to water harvesting and water resources management.

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