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This case study was developed in 2008-2009 (Phase I) with support from the UNESCO Participation Program and MIO-ESCDE EU Core funding. 


Author of text: Mr Alexis Michaelides, Deputy Mayor of Larnaca (2009), writer and independent researcher E:

Text Editors: Iro Alampei, Anastasia Roniotes, Celia Roniotes (MIO-ECSDE)



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The Municipality of Larnaca

The Municipality of Larnaca is among the three oldest local government organizations of Cyprus. Its life started in the middle 19th century towards the end of the Ottoman rule of Cyprus. At the end of the same century the British Colonial Government of Cyprus enacted the first law establishing democratic municipalities in all large urban centers of Cyprus. The Cypriot municipalities were re-established with the 1960 Constitution that founded the Cyprus Republic. Several up dating laws of the Cyprus Parliament modernized and enlarged the domain of their responsibilities.

Today, the Municipality of Larnaca is also part of the Larnaca Water Board, responsible for the supply and distribution of high quality potable water to the wider metropolitan area of Larnaca. It is also part of the Larnaca Sewerage Board, responsible for the collection, recycling, purification and re-use of sewage waters. The Larnaca sewage Board (LSB) is together with the Municipality, responsible for the drainage of rain water. Currently (2009), the LSB is carrying out a new 40 milion Euros expansion of its system to cover the recycling and purification of the whole of the municipal boundaries and 7 nearby villages, which are fast growing into urban areas. In 2008 the 3 kilometers long drainage system of “Spyros Kyprianou Avenue” was completed at the cost of 30 million Euros (with a 4 lanes road on its top), freeing the town of the very often urban floods.

The logo of the Municipality features the founder of stoic philosophy ZENON OF KITION (Kition is the ancient name of Larnaca), who was born and educated in Larnaca before he became the most popular philosopher of the 3rd century in Athens. The logo also features the sea and the palm trees of Larnaca.

46, Athens Avenue, Larnaca
Tel: 0035724653333