Present Status

Nowadays, in Aegina there are several workshops manufacturing pots of traditional design. However, they apply modern production techniques and for the decoration, they use a type of glazing that doesn’t allow the vessel to “sweat” and keep the water cool.

Unfortunately, there’s a single workshop still using the traditional technique for crafting vessels and other clay items. It is found in Mesagros and belongs to Yiorgos and Nektarios Garis.

The production of traditional jugs, connected with history and tradition of the island, has contributed to the preservation of the identity and strengthening of the local economy, mainly by attracting visitors and tourists. Unfortunately, this craft and wonderful, of great historical value technique is disappearing.

In order to maintain the identity of Aegina as a center of ceramic production, traditional and modern, two prerequisites are a) the capacity building of craftsmen involved in pottery and b) the sensitized public that is aware over this unique tradition.

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