Dellys is a city that is today neglected by men and weakened by natural elements. The city after thousands of years is now witnessing a decline. The combination of the sea, the river Sebaou and mountainous barrier Assouwaf was the reason for the development of the settlement and its culture.

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View of the Kasbah of Dellys

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All traces discovered so far, reflect this interest. Perhaps it is not superfluous to recall in this context, this everyday habit of grooming one’s yard that still marks the beginning of social activity each afternoon. Is this just a simple precautionary hygiene habit or could it have an ancient origin?

According to historians that residents of Dellys devoted themselves, daily, and without fear, as specified, to dying.

Older women sing, as it is said in the proverb below, the importance of water in wells and their lives: 

 سيدي الحرفي قلبو كبير      فيه سنسلة و ألبير

The marabout Sidi Lharfi has a big heart    it contains a chain and a well.

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