Present Status

At Dellys practically very little remains of the ancient settlement. It has been covered by the modern settlement which has expanded ever since the French occupation. The earthquake that struck the city in 2003 deeply affected the historic core of the city, leaving many ruined buildings old and new.

Unfortunately, the city and in particular its historical centre has for several decades undergone a process of marginalization resulting from different local dynamics. Today, the Kasbah is poorly maintained and therefore is in danger.

The town remains, even today, isolated for specific reasons in Algeria: Security measures taken in the fight against terrorism that has plagued the region in the course of the years 1990-2000 impede access to territory. Dellyssiens, the inhabitants of Dellys, deplore this situation has contributed to the delay, if not stop of the local economic and social development based on relations with neighbouring territories, but also on tourism.

Today, the protected area of Dellys rings the hope of a better city. In a socio-political context where everyone wants to get the city, its history and heritage to return it to this beautiful coastal city, supported by a balanced development of trade, fishing and tourism.

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