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Examples of watermills that can be visited

Watermills of Marmaroti

In the village of Melanes, there is a very interesting example of two consecutive watermills, which once belonged to Jesuit monks. Jesuits arrived in Naxos in the beginning of the 17th century AD, as part of French diplomacy and policy in the East. The Jesuits would sublet the watermills to local millers.

The setting of the two watermills takes advantage of the inclination of the slope. The water coming out of the basement of the first watermill is directly introduced into the drop tower of the second one. Today the roofs of both of watermills have collapsed.

Watermill of Maroulis (Mesi Potamia)

This is a watermill with auxiliary rooms and a residence. Contemporary reconstructions have been made to the building. Various parts of the mechanism are in good condition, such as the metal spinning wheel, the two millstones, the wheat container and the wooden castellated cylinder.

Watermill of Kokkos (Mesi Potamia)

This watermill is located inside an impressive tower, the Tower of Kokkos, which was built beside the river in Mesi Potamia. It is a three-storied building. A stone-arched passage gives access to the main entrance of the residence. The doors and windows of the buildings have impressive lintels with inscriptions, while in the interior the vivid colours are still preserved in spite of the extensive problem of humidity.

The watermill that was located in the basement of this tower was in operation until 1966.Various parts of the mechanism are preserved.

Watermill of Dellarokas (Mesi Potamia)

The building of the watermill has been transformed into a residence by a variety of reconstructions and interventions. The drop tower is preserved with a washing basin at the beginning of the horizontal channel. However the drop tower is in rather bad condition, due to vegetation and accumulated salt deposits.

Watermill of Karageorgis (Mesi Potamia)

The drop tower is terraced with exterior steps made of schist slabs. The building contained a room for the miller. The roof has been replaced by a concrete slab.

Watermill in the region between Engares and Kinidaros

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